In Memory of Deputy Carlos Francies

The Contra Costa County Deputy Sheriff Association would like to honor Deputy Sheriff Carlos Francies for his years of service and heroic act and brave attempt to save the life of a friend, whom appeared to be drowning.  We are devastated by this tragic event and our deep sympathies go out those who were closest to him; his family, his friends, his fellow deputies and his community. 

Deputy Carlos Francies 2
On August 13, 2015, 30-year-old Deputy Sheriff Carlos Francies drowned in Lake Tahoe. According to the South Lake Tahoe Police Department, Deputy Francies, his girlfriend, his sister and another male friend had rented paddles and kayaks near the beach, when Deputy Francies’ sister fell off her kayak from a standing position. Their male friend was able to help her back aboard her kayak, however, during the rescue, he lost possession of his own kayak. As he swam to retrieve his own kayak, Deputy Francis saw him and thought he was in distress. Deputy Francies started to swim toward him, but was not wearing a life jacket. After about 20 feet from his paddle board, Deputy Francies began to falter and fall into distress.  His girlfriend was able to get to him with a life vest, but it appeared he had gone unconscious.  At this point, other people witnessing the event brought a paddle board to them and helped put Deputy Francies, now fully unconscious, onto the board.  His girlfriend, a nurse, began CPR while they made their way to the shore where Medics arrived and assisted them. Deputy Francies was transported to Barton Memorial Hospital where he was later pronounced deceased.