C-10 Posting of Vacancies and Reassignments (Section 20), Probation Unit

SECTION 20 - WORK SCHEDULING, POSTING OF VACANCIES AND REASSIGNMENT Annual Shift A ssi gnm e nt Sc h e dul i ng t o Non -S p ec i a liz e d A ss ignm e nts for Juv e nil e In s titution Officer s and In s t i tut io n al Superv is ors .   Bidd i...
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C-6 Health, Life & Dental Care (Section 17), Probation Unit MOU

SECTION 17 - HEALTH, LIFE & DENTAL CARE MEDICAL, DENTAL & LIFE INSURANCE   Health Plan Coverage.   The County will provide the medical and dental coverage for permanent employees regularly scheduled to work twenty (20) or more hours...
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Ratification of MOU, Probation and Probation Supervisors Unit

  Voting Information **If you have not already voted, please return your ballot to the DSA Hall at 1780 Muir Road Martinez before 10:00am today-Thursday August 29 for it to be counted. If you have any questions please call the hall at 925-228-97...
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Message from PORAC President Marvel on AB 392

  President's Message Dear PORAC Member, After hearing numerous inaccurate reports from media outlets throughout the state and the nation following the passage of AB 392, as well as many inquiries from PORAC members, I wanted to set the record s...
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Change in Union Dues, Rank & File and Management Unit

Good afternoon everyone, There are some changes in your earning statement form the County Auditor-Controller. In the section tittled 'AFTER-TAX DEDUCTIONS' you will see the following changes Union Dues DSA should read $0.00. Union Other Benefits Comm...
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PORAC Region 1, Monthly News

Dear Members,   The end of May saw California’s first ever “Peace Officer Day at the Capitol.” Throughout the use of force battle (AB 392) hardly a week went by without protesters opposing our vocation descending on the State Capitol. For o...
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Correction Voting is completed

Correction VOTING IS COMPLETED   The Management Unit ratified the MOU and voted to participate in the PORAC IBT Long Term/Short Term.   The Rank and File Unit ratified the MOU , but failed to get 2/3's of the members to vote. Thus, they wil...
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Percentage of Wages Protected* 85% of wages Non-Industrial Disability 70% of wages Industrial Disability (100% of wages for Catastrophic Disabilities for up to 30 months – not to exceed maximum monthly benefit) (No permanent disability offsets) Maxim...
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Gold Short and Long Term Disability Plan Summary of Benefits For Safety Members   1. How Benefits are Funded - Short Term - Fully self-funded and administered by the I&B Trust of  PORAC . Long Term - Fully insured by Standard Insurance ...
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Trouble Voting on the 2019 MOU

Trouble Voting on the Contract or Receiving Information?     Do not mean to be rude, but if you were not already logged on to the website as a member by 1200 on Wednesday the 29th. You did not get an email to vote.  This will be the se...
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Question #2 Information CLEA to PORAC Long Term Disability

The main reason for question #2 is being proposed to the membership is as follows: An evaluation of both plans was done by indipendent third party which found, CLEA to be a possible risk, due to not being backed by a third party insurance company. Th...
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Tentative Agreement Signed Today

Good Evening Probation and Probation Supervisor Unit (Probation Department), Today the Negotiation Team signed a tenative agreement with the County. In the next three day we will be conducting meetings at the Hall and collecting votes from members. V...
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SB 230 Senate Public Safety Committee Hearing

On April 23rd Senate Bill 230, authored by Senator Anna Caballero (D-Salinas) and sponsored by PORAC, and a coalition of Law Enforcement Associations made its way out of the Senate Public Safety Committee with a unanimous vote of 7-0. From here, the ...
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ACTION ALERT! WE NEED YOUR HELP - TELL YOUR LEGISLATORS TO SUPPORT SB 230 AND OPPOSE AB 392 By clicking the below link and pressing send on the pre-written email, you can both help pass SB 230, which protects law enforcement and communities, and oppo...
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Law Enforcement Comprehensive Use of Force Legislation

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The loss of life is always tragic, and an officer’s use of serious force should always be a last option. Unfortunately, our society has many dangerous threats, and just as our peace officers cannot anticipate what they will encounter on any given day...
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An Unreasonable Legislative Proposal Shelved

An Unreasonable Legislative Proposal Shelved by the ALADS Board of Directors Los Angeles, August 31, 2018 – ALADS partnered with the Los Angeles Police Protective League, the California Police Chiefs Association, the California Correctional Peace Off...
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CalPERS Chair Priya Mathur for re-election


31 Aug 2018 Dear Shawn, As a reminder, PORAC Region One endorsed CalPERS Chair Priya Mathur for re-election to her seat on the CalPERS Board. Ballots are being mailed to your associations members who are CalPERS members beginning today.   Below ...
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To All: Earlier this evening I had a meeting with Senate Pro Tem Toni Atkins to discuss the future of AB 931. As most of you are aware, the fight to keep AB 931 from the floor was a huge back and forth battle between the proponents and the LE coaliti...
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  Call to Action - Stopping AB 931! ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ PORAC has worked very hard this year to try and stop AB 931 by Assemblymember Shirley Weber. This is a very dangerous bill that would result in more deaths of officers and the public. Bottom ...
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PORAC NEWS, Legislation

To All:   I am sorry for the delay in getting this out. Legislation is being amended daily in some circumstances and meetings are becoming a blur. First and foremost, I want to thank Randy and Aaron along with the ARA staff for doing a fantastic...
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Thomas Sowell: A war on police officers is a very real circumstance

There was never a more appropriately named book than "The War on Cops" by Heather Mac Donald, published a few weeks ago, on the eve of the greatest escalation of that war by the ambush murders of five policemen in Dallas. Nor is this war against the ...
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Your POBR could be stripped by voters

Measure to open up police misconduct records could go before voters in 2018 The author of failed legislation to open up some police misconduct records to public disclosure said he might force the issue on the statewide ballot in 2018. The bill from s...
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