ALL AMERICAN lives' matter

ALL AMERICAN lives' matter
I awoke today, looking forward to spending time with my brothers, playing some golf, and celebrating the life of one of our fallen.

No, not today. I watch the news and see that two San Diego Officers were attacked during a traffic stop. We have lost another officer to an enemy of the United States, who lives within our borders.

I remember reading a post a couple of weeks ago that said it all, please read to the end. ????????

As I watch what is going on in the United States of America, I feel myself becoming filled with rage, anger, sadness, hate and embarrassment for what we are allowing to become of our great nation.

I can feel my heart beat so hard, that I see every heartbeat pounding through my chest. I feel the labored breathing were I struggle to catch my breath, the joints throughout my body hurt and there is a headache which never goes away.

Now back to the hate part. FIRST and FOREMOST, I hate no man. The hate I feel is for what we, the AMERICAN people have allowed ourselves to become and what we have allowed others to do within our shores. How we have allowed the minority living within our communities to take over just because they yell the loudest and make catchy tag lines like black lives matter. EACH and EVERY AMERICAN life matters.

ALL AMERICAN lives' matter. Each hour of every day, in every way. Regardless of race, color, religious belief or sexual orientation. Life in and of itself is precious and every breath is a gift. If you only judge a person by the color of their skin, by their religion, by their sexual orientation and not by their character, you are part of the problem. When did it become acceptable to put another nationality, race, religion, color or creed in front of, or for that matter even above AMERICAN? If you put anything in front of AMERICAN, then that is where your loyalty lies and you should return there. No AMERICAN will stop you.

I am now and always will be a sheep dog, who will with my dying breaths protect those in need of being protected. I will do so with honor, courage and commitment, expecting nothing in return. I will not hesitate to protect AMERICA and all AMERICANS. I do so without reservation and with an open heart. I will stand in front of danger, risking my life side by side with all of my brothers and sisters, in the military and in law enforcement. I also stand with all of the AMERICAN citizens who refuse to be sheep lead to the slaughter. I will continue to run towards danger, fight until my last breath and stand strong against the evil that the sheep refuse to see, acknowledge, or confront.

It is time the silent majority of AMERICANS, stop with the poitical correctness crap. Stop bending to the will of others and stop moving away from conflict. WE, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, have to stand up as one and fight. Taking back our lands, our freedoms and our way of life. Our AMERICAN way of life "ONE NATION UNDER GOD," not my God or your God, but our God. A place where we, as AMERICANS, come together to fight the evil which walks amongst us, with the idea and ideals of destroying us. This evil that is trying to destroy AMERICA and the AMERICAN PEOPLE who they fear. They fear our way of life, a life where EVERYONE is equal and comes together towards a common goal of making AMERICA the best in every way. Where the AMERICAN PEOPLE are working as a family for the betterment of every AMERICAN.

They, the weak minded, the entitled, the cowardly evil, fear us. They know we, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, are strongest when we stand united and we cannot, will not, not now or ever be defeated. So to you my fellow AMERICANS it is time we come together as one, united in our resolve, to rid our land, AMERICA from evil. The evil amongst us and the evil doers who will take this opportunity to challenge us. No matter the color of our skin, who we pray to, or our political party, it is time for all AMERICANS who bleed red to stand up, hold the blue line and fight for the rights of all AMERICANS. It is time to fly the red, the white and the blue HIGH and PROUD!!!

I am not asking people to forget where they came from. Be proud of our past, our heritage and our family lines. Learn from the mistakes, that we the AMERICAN people have made, so we do not repeat them. We are all here by choice and the grace of God. Do not let the media, the government, the weak minded divide us, or we will allow them to win. I do not, will not, cannot accept letting them win, now or ever!!!

I now as I always have, fight for ALL the AMERICAN PEOPLE. I see no color, I see no religion and i see no political party. I see my fellow AMERICANS, who as my Mother and Father taught me, are my brothers, sisters and family. To protect and serve when needed, to be there for them whenever needed, no matter the size of service they require. I took an oath and swore to SERVE and PROTECT the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. I have never forgotten this oath, nor have i relieved myself from this oath. The time has come for us, the AMERICAN PEOPLE to unite once again and forever.

If you are against us, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, you are free to leave. We do not wish you any ill will and we do not hold you here against your will. We the AMERICAN PEOPLE however, will not change our way of life to accommodate you. We the AMERICAN PEOPLE are united as one!!!

I leave you with this, "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Untied States of AMERICA and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under GOD, indivisable with liberty and justice for all."

A Good Friend, Shawn Welch CCCDSA President
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